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BA (Hons) Healthcare Management

Each module is designed to give you a sound understanding in a range of professional areas in healthcare from leadership to quality management to communications skills. Your modules will focus on real life situations that you can directly apply to working within the industry.

Year 1 (Level 4)

  • Skills for Learning in Care
  • Social, political and ethical issues in international healthcare
  • Communication and Collaboration in Managing the Professional Environment
  • Meeting the Needs of Service Users
  • Planning & Managing Resources
  • Fostering Dignity and Respect

Year 2 (Level 5)

  • Financial Control & Budgeting
  • Performance Improvement and Management in Health and Social Care
  • Public Health
  • Health Promotion
  • Inter-Agency Working in Care Delivery
  • Leading Teams

Year 3 (Level 6)

  • Quality Management in a Care Setting
  • Business Analysis and Planning
  • Global health and sustainability
  • Project Management & Risk
  • Research Methods & Final Project
  • Assessments

Assessments are designed to provide you an opportunity to demonstrate your strengths in a number of ways and so a variety of methods are used, these could include:

  • Assignments
  • Reports
  • Essays
  • Examinations
  • Practical tasks
  • Case study analysis
  • Portfolios of evidence

To support your development and ensure you are on the right track with your studies we will provide you with tutor feedback on every assessment you submit.

If required, your tutor may be able to give you suggestions and tips for improvement and help you understand how to apply your newly acquired skills into real life settings.

Next steps

Applying for this course takes just a few minutes and is the first step towards gaining your qualification. You can begin your online application now and one of our friendly Admissions Advisors will be in touch to discuss your study options.

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