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Поступить сразу на третий курс университета!

 Для тех, кто уже выучился в колледже по программам HND/HNC мы предлагаем поступить сразу на третий курс университета БЕЗ вступительного экзамена! Обучение в центре Лондона в престижном университете. Пожалуйста торопитесь, мест на май остается все меньше! 

Ура! Магистратура теперь финансируется гос. программой!

Теперь окончивший ВУЗ на бакалавра (не обязательно в Великобритании), студент может получить £10,000 на магистратуру. Подавай заявку сейчас на сентябрь 2016 и январь 2017.

Visual Effects and Motion Graphics BSc

3-year full-time; 4-year thick-sandwich


About the course

The exciting world of digital media design needs innovative, imaginative professionals who are fluent users of emerging technologies and tools – and this course aims to arm creative designers with these cutting edge skills.

Brunel’s new Visual Effects and Motion Graphics* programme develops students’ creative design, technological skills and conceptual knowledge – to meet the needs of an ever-evolving, technologically demanding media landscape.

There are few other programmes in the UK that aim to develop both the technological and aesthetic ingenuity required for the visual effects and motion graphics sector, within the entertainment and creative industries.

*This course replaces Brunel’s Broadcast Media Design and Technology course to reflect new industry skills requirements and to gain accreditation by Creative Skillset.

To view the Brunel digital media showcase 2015 video please click here.


The last five years has seen a shift in the way TV and film is recorded, produced, screened and viewed – creating a need for a new type of creative technologist.

This BSc in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics will develop your creative design, production, implementation, and post-production skills and processes needed for the various phases of modern digital TV, video and filmmaking and workflow.

Roles that graduates can move into include advanced titling artists, motion graphics designers, visual effects experts and interactive technologists for film and video, TV, post-production and virtual production environments.

You will be able to produce high quality media pieces and create post-production visual effects and motion graphics solutions, suitable for any VFX and motion design company.

The course looks at the influence of the internet and emerging technologies which have changed the way TV and film are recorded, produced, screened and viewed. These developments as well as the rapid growth of interactive and 3D TV have resulted in the need for a new type of creative technologist, while the increase in the sophistication of visual effects and post-production in films, TV and advertisements has increased demand for talented media designers.

The course allows you to specialise and to match your studies to your own particular interest, while maintaining a broad approach.

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