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Поступить сразу на третий курс университета!

 Для тех, кто уже выучился в колледже по программам HND/HNC мы предлагаем поступить сразу на третий курс университета БЕЗ вступительного экзамена! Обучение в центре Лондона в престижном университете. Пожалуйста торопитесь, мест на май остается все меньше! 

Ура! Магистратура теперь финансируется гос. программой!

Теперь окончивший ВУЗ на бакалавра (не обязательно в Великобритании), студент может получить £10,000 на магистратуру. Подавай заявку сейчас на сентябрь 2016 и январь 2017.

BA (Hons) Luxury, Fashion Business and Marketing


Awarding body: Mod’Art International

Campus: London

Delivery mode: Full-time

Duration: Three years


2016 October

2017 October

Fees: UK/EU £9,000 (scholarships available)




This three-year, full-time programme prepares you for a successful career in the prosperous industries of luxury and fashion. Over the duration of the course, you will increase your knowledge in subjects vital to breaking the industry. These include: accounting, company and labour law, marketing and international business. You will also develop a strong feel for how the industries operate from day to day.

As we are closely associated with Mod’Art in Paris, you will have the opportunity to learn French, either at beginner or intermediate level, at the same time as reinforcing your English fashion vocabulary.

London and Paris are complementary fashion capitals of the world, meaning you can draw from not one inspirational city, but two. Our staff are also experts in their fields, many of them practicing industry professionals. They pass their in-depth knowledge and fascinating insights down to you, in order for you to enter the luxury and fashion industries thoroughly prepared for what lies ahead.



We are seeking enthusiastic and dedicated students who would like to gain a broad-based understanding of the fashion business side of the luxury and creative industries. The course provides a through overview of areas including the management, marketing, pr, strategy, visualisation and planning associated with the creation of fashion industry projects in all forms.



This course provides a sound introduction to all areas of Luxury, Fashion Business and Marketing; which will equip graduates with a range of skills which can be applied in many sectors of industry. A solid foundation of business principals, marketing, law, management and branding are introduced alongside more creative and vocational concepts. The potential future application of the skills and theories learnt during the course are diverse and students may move into business jobs in all types of industry. Students also have the opportunity to specialise within the creative sectors of fashion or luxury, if they so wish.



This bachelor degree covers a 3-year programme preparing students for a career in management and marketing for the luxury product and fashion business world.

Over the three years, students will increase their knowledge in core subjects such as accounting, company and labour law, marketing and international business. This is alongside the development of a strong contextual knowledge of the fashion and luxury industry and how it works. The course is taught through a series of lectures, seminars and smaller workshop groups. Students are assessed through a combination of reports, oral presentations and some visual portfolio work. They are encouraged to develop their creative or more theoretical business skills according to the preferred area of the industry that they would like to move towards.



LCCA provides a comprehensive career management service supporting our students to become informed and self-reliant individuals able to plan and manage their own careers. Students will receive support from our Careers and Student Services Department alongside their studies.

Here are some routes you can pursue:

  • Marketing, PR and communications
  • Brand Management
  • Fashion media
  • Fashion events
  • Buying
  • Trend prediction
  • Digital media and E-commerce



  • Full secondary education
  • High school qualification
  • Baccalaureate - French applicants
  • English language Requirements: IELTS 6.0 or equivalent (with 5.5 in one of the components)
  • Minimum age: 18 years

We also require:

  • Complete application form
  • Personal Statement
  • Scanned copy of Passport/ID Card



This programme is validated by Mod'Art International is a prestigious institute of arts and fashion located in Paris, France.   Mod’Art have been educating award-winning fashion designers and successful fashion and luxury professionals for many years. The institution is renowned for its encouragement of hands-on learning, provided by professors who share their passion for and have everyday experience of fashion and luxury.

Programme philosophy

The philosophy of Mod’Art courses is to offer creative and managerial development as well as taking a strong vocational approach. The expertise of our highly experienced industry professionals in central London complements the Parisian programmes, as two fashion capitals join together in unison. This ensures that students are constantly aware of changing demands within the global fashion industry. 

Staff and students organisation

Each student is guided towards achieving their full potential, in both academic aspects and work experience.

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