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Главная » Колледжи и Университеты » St Patrick's College » HND Network Engineering and Telecommunication Systems (NETS)
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Теперь окончивший ВУЗ на бакалавра (не обязательно в Великобритании), студент может получить £10,000 на магистратуру. Подавай заявку сейчас на сентябрь 2016 и январь 2017.

HND Network Engineering and Telecommunication Systems (NETS)

This 2 year Higher National Diploma (HND) offers an in-depth study of the communication networks and technologies that globally connect people and organisations. Through a combination of engaging assignments, case studies and future scenarios, students will examine and investigate the real-world environment.

This enables them to gain the knowledge, skills and an understanding of the applied principles necessary to develop a successful career in network engineering.

This course is accredited by Pearson Edexcel.


Course content


This NETS course covers key areas in computer network engineering and telecommunications. Specific subject areas focus on the establishing and performance of computer networks within a business or internet environment. The areas of study also includes website design and database design. Additionally, students are required to undertake a second year Project, researching and developing a topic of their choice. 


Successful completion of the course can give access to a top up BSc degree in ICT, subject to the qualification holder meeting the University entry requirements for the top-up.




Career direction


This HND qualification opens up a whole range a range of specialised employment

opportunities. This may include the pursuing of a career in network management, network operations or network engineering design, a career in the rapidly expanding field of mobile communications, or in the research and development of new networking technologies.



Study in a global technology capital


London houses some of the most advanced technology companies in the world, making it the ideal place to study, make contacts and begin your career. London is also a major business centre for the world’s telecommunication companies, ensuring that there are many employment possibilities in this field.

Course structure

The course is delivered over two years, with approximately three units (modules) studied during each one of the six terms.

The Unit Schedule is as follows:


Course Modules

Year 1
  • Computer Systems

  • Networking Concepts

  • Programming Concepts

  • Database Design Concepts

  • Systems Analysis

  • Networking Technology

  • Website Design

  • Personal Skills Development

Year 2
  • Telecommunication Technology

  • Network Operating Systems

  • IP Networks

  • Internet Server Management

  • Networking Infrastructure

  • Switch Engineering

  • Telecommunication Business Environment

  • Network Engineering and Telecommunication Systems Project



 Next Intakes

  • Feb 2017
  • May 2017

  Campus available                               

  Course duration
  24 months

  Academic Level5

  Accredited by
  Pearson Edexcel

  Home Fees (UK/EU) £6,000 per year




  • Entry Requirements
  • Level 3 qualification or equivalent
  • GCE Advanced level profile demonstrating strong performance in a relevant subject or an adequate performance in more than one GCE subject.
  • An Access to Higher Education Certificate awarded by an approved further education institution
  • Mature learners without formal qualifications are required to present a profile of achievement in the form of work experience in the related field and will be subject to relevant entry assessments.
  • All applicants must pass an Academic Interview
  • Proficiency in English at a standard commensurate to IELTS 5.5
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