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Master of Business Administration (MBA) – International



The Master of Business Administration (MBA) - International is recognised worldwide as offering one of the main routes to a senior managerial position.

ARU London offers the option of starting your MBA in September or January.  The course can take 12 or 24 months to complete and costs from £8,500 for the complete course.



Classes will run on a combination of evenings and weekends, enabling students to work full-time while studying.


Over the course of your MBA at ARU London , you will acquire a deeper knowledge of the principal business functions including finance, marketing and human resource management and you will also gain a greater appreciation of the importance of the different functional areas to the overall success of the business. 

Importantly, the programme will develop your understanding of successful business strategy and effective project management and you will study the influence that global and national macroeconomic trends have on a company.

Recognising that nowadays much business is conducted across international boundaries and that globalisation is a phenomenon that affects all organisations, the focus of ARU London’s MBA is very much on the specific challenges facing organisations that have global operations or that transact business internationally, be they cultural, ethical or environmental.



Structure and content


The MBA modules

Over the course of your MBA, you will study a total of 11 modules; 10 of these modules are worth 15 credits each and the end of MBA project is worth 30 credits.  Below are outlines of the modules you are likely to study.  Please note these are subject to change – check online for updates.

Research Applications in Global Business

This module provides the foundation for international business research and the core analytical skills required by business professionals to maximise the value of information.  Students will develop the skills to understand business information requirements, the veracity and validity of different sources of a variety of information sources.

Business Law for Managers

Once you have completed this module you will have a sound knowledge and appreciation of the various ways in which business law can impact on organisations and you will be equipped with the technical skills to manage this influence.

Global Managerial Economics

This module seeks to provide students with new skills and economic concepts that can be allied in solving managerial problems in business. It considers how global markets work, highlighting the forces of demand and supply together with their impact on world prices and output. Consumer behaviour is analysed in some depth, together with the relevance of marketing and advertising strategies.

Human Resource Management in an International Context

This module encourages the manager (current or future) to recognise the role played by Human Resource Management in the effectiveness of the organisation nationally, internationally and globally.

International Financial Reporting

You will develop an understanding of financial and management accounting in an international and strategic context. The module looks at the context in which accounting rules have evolved in order to meet the needs of globalisation of both organisations and financial markets.

Operations and Project Management

Operations strategy reconciles an organisation’s resources with international market needs by determining the right priority of the five competitive factors:  cost; quality; speed; dependability and flexibility.  A key part of the business operations is project management, and this module expands the theory of project management into a business context and integrates the practical tools and techniques required to manage projects successfully.

Global Economic Environment

This module emphasises how global and national macroeconomics trends influence almost every component of a company’s business strategy. Theoretical foundations are combined with real world applications to demonstrate the relevance of the current global economic trends for business strategy.

Global Business Strategy

You will investigate strategy within an international context. The module explores the impact of globalisation on contemporary organisations, evaluates how managers should respond to different national cultures and assesses the pros and cons of a variety of international market entry options.

Global Marketing Management

Focuses on the rise of ‘globalisation’ in the marketing arena. The rise in cross-border consumer power is analysed in terms of its implications on the marketing strategies developed by companies

Cross Culture Leadership

Offers insights into leadership as an element in decision-making, problem solving and change management with specific reference to experimenting and developing practical leadership skills in different contexts, coping with conflict, power and organisational politics, the morality of leadership and the ethical dimension in the exercise of power.



Teaching and assessment


Students are assessed through a variety of methods including assignments, presentations and examinations.

As an alternative to the traditional end-of-course dissertation which many MBA courses include, this MBA has, at its pinnacle, a real-world case study. The case study is given to students approximately two months before the end of course examination. Students spend time researching the organisation prior to the exam. Students are allowed to bring their research on the organisation for reference into the examination. Students are assessed on the examination, plus previous research which is submitted with the exam script. It is our view that the analysis of an organisation provides an opportunity to draw on knowledge and experience gained from previous studies and to demonstrate the ability to cope with incomplete information in a way that reflects situations likely to be faced in a future career.



Entry Requirements


Students must:

Have the equivalent of a UK first degree or professional qualification


Have previously been taught in English and have sufficient command of English to undertake postgraduate study or have an IELTS (or equivalent) score of 6.5 or better. 

We welcome applications from all those interested in furthering their education, particularly mature students. So, if you do not meet the general entry requirements but can demonstrate that your life/work skills would make you suitable, you should still consider applying.

Students with a postgraduate qualification or those with a professional qualification benchmarked as being of UK postgraduate standard are eligible to apply for exemptions. Each exemption granted reduces the published course fee by £400 per module. ACCA passed finalists are granted five exemptions. This reduces the tuition cost for such students enrolling on a 18 month MBA course by £2000.




In today’s tough jobs market, graduates need to stand out from the crowd to successfully secure that all important first full-time job after university.  We believe your degree from ARU London will definitely enhance your employability.

  • Your ARU London lecturers all have first-hand experience of business and some continue to work in business.  You are therefore assured that the content of your degree will be directly relevant to the demanding, constantly evolving world of contemporary business.  Furthermore, you will study business from a practical as well as from an academic perspective.
  • ARU London  lecturers have a wealth of contacts too and you will study alongside students from all over the world.  All great for networking!
  • Our student-friendly timetables will make it easier for you to secure meaningful, part-time work.  Part-time work will give you valuable experience outside of the classroom and will boost your credentials with a prospective graduate employer.  We are also working with a number of employers to be able to offer part-time work in conjunction with our degrees.
  • During your final year there will be additional seminars with the specific objective of enhancing your future employment prospects.  These will include CV workshops, interview techniques, career counselling and visits from prospective employers.


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