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Military and International History BA

3-year full-time; 4-year thick-sandwich


This is a new course and we are accepting applications for 2017/18 entry. Register your interest now.

About the course

Our Military and International History degree examines war within the context of wider international history to give you specialist knowledge of war in history while educating you to be a historian. Our course analyses warfare inside and outside Europe (including the Middle East), covering the period from the Renaissance to the present but with an emphasis on the modern era. We teach you the subject of war in history over a broad span of time with a focus on land and naval war, while also giving you the opportunity to take specialist modules in particular wars and themes in military studies. The course also draws on the department's specialism in intelligence studies to examine the role that intelligence has played in warfare. Our course provides our students with the critical thinking and analytical skills of the historian.

Our course, one of the few military history programmes in the country, provides you with the opportunity to study military history within the broader setting of a vibrant, student-centred department with a long history of supporting its students, and this is reflected in the annual student satisfaction survey (the NSS) where history at Brunel is ranked (2016) fourth in the country. As a department, we provide excellent pastoral and tutor support for our students. Students are taught by a range of established academic specialists in the department in military and international history, who draw on their own world-class research and publications to deliver cutting-edge teaching. Small-group seminars and personal tutorials allow you to develop in smaller groups and in one-to-one discussions. This is a unique opportunity to study war in history in a friendly, supportive department known for its excellent teaching and student support.



  • To provide you with an exciting, attractive academic programme in military and international history which is rigorous, flexible and coherent, through which you will acquire knowledge and understanding of the origins, course and consequences of warfare in the modern era – the synergetic combination of international and military history – and which will also allow you to gain knowledge and understanding of how diverse societies and cultures have engaged with war in history. The focus of the programme is on the modern period, with an emphasis on the post 1789 era

  • To ensure that you acquire the core skills, methods and theoretical approaches employed within the discipline of history and apply these competently to interpret data and evaluate different perspectives

  • To foster the core skills in military and international history and other key general skills to develop your powers of independent enquiry, analysis and judgement, which enhance study of history and transfer usefully into employment

  • To provide key transferable research skills to proceed to further study at postgraduate level

  • To provide key transferable skills to further professional development

  • To enable you, through a Work Placement, to develop skills and knowledge relevant to work and professional development (4 year thick sandwich mode)

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