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Кто может получить студенческий кредит от государства?

Студенческий кредит от государства получают граждане UK и ЕС в возрасте 18-60 лет, а также мигранты из стран, не входящих в ЕС.

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Студенческий кредит от государства: как получить и когда отдавать?

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Или может вы мечтаете о собственном бизнесе?

Graduate Certificate Pre-Masters London and Birmingham

This NQF Level 6 programme provides an opportunity for students who are not eligible for direct entry to our postgraduate programmes to gain a masters degree in as little as 16 months.

Students who complete the Graduate Certificate with an overall grade of 50% are provided with a progression route to one of our masters programmes.


Course information



Level of study:


Tuition fees:

UK/EU – £1,350

International – £3,500 (London) £3,250 (Birmingham)

Entry requirements:

A third or a pass in a bachelors degree in any discipline; or a pass in a non-honours degree with any classification in any discipline; or 3 year Diploma (DAZhuan) or equivalent (China only).

English language requirements:

IELTS 6.0 with no band score less than 5.5, or equivalent.

Mode of study:

Full-time classroom


1 semester

Assessment method:


Student finance:

Not available


London and Birmingham

Start dates:

January, May, September


About this course

This Pre-Masters programme has been designed as a bridging mechanism for students who wish to progress from undergraduate to postgraduate study at Ulster and will lead to a distinct award, the Graduate Certificate in Business.

The programme lasts for 1 semester and consists of 4 modules designed to develop your academic study and English language skills required for postgraduate level study.

Students who successfully complete the Graduate Certificate with a minimum average of 50% in all modules, will be in a position to progress on to one of ourMasters programmes in London or Birmingham.

The Graduate Certificate also serves as a stand-alone, internationally recognised qualification which will be awarded upon achieving a pass of 40%.

Please note: via this route, students progressing on to a postgraduate programme will need to apply for a second visa. Ulster University’s London and Birmingham branch campuses will pay for your visa renewal fee, subject to meeting the conditions outlined on your offer letter.

Teaching methods

We employ a wide variety of teaching and learning methods across the various modules of this course, depending on the nature and priorities of each module. The principle methods are as follows and your learning will typically consist of a combination of these.


Our lectures have an emphasis on encouraging two-way communications. They actively incorporate a range of student/group activities to encourage participation and are structured to stimulate further studies and to relate to seminar situations. As the course progresses, the traditional teaching and learning mechanism is incrementally reduced in favour of more participative and student-led systems.

Laboratory / practical classes

These aim to develop subject specific skills, reinforce and validate material exposed in lectures, simulate working environments, synthesise knowledge and provide opportunities for innovation. We are committed to providing realistic work experiences and various simulated exercises are included in practical sessions.


Seminars have an emphasis on student participation and initiation which enables each group to consolidate the knowledge gained through lectures and independent study, develop their problem solving and analytical skills and play a more active role in the teaching/learning effort.

As the course progresses, seminars encourage independent learning and help to develop abilities, attributes and competencies which will stand you in good stead in your managerial career. This includes the transferable skills of communication, leadership, negotiation, group dynamics and self-presentation. Seminars also feature case studies and role play.

Case studies

These help to develop your powers of logical reasoning, creative thinking and problem solving, while also enhancing effective communication and interpersonal relations. Many of the increasing complex case studies you will encounter during your course have been developed by faculty staff who have based them on their real experiences in business and/or research.


Conducted as a small group or, more usually, on an individual basis, tutorials will help to keep your learning on track. You will be able to discuss and gain advice to prepare you for the honours dissertation, curriculum projects, assignments and other investigations.


These forums for open discussion enable you to research aspects of a given topic or case study, to discuss your findings with your peers, and to apply, test and evaluate certain theoretical perspectives.

Guest speakers

Guest speakers are regularly invited to present on a range of issues within particular modules, exposing you to a wide spectrum of up-to-the-minute issues and giving you the opportunity to apply your studies in a broader context.


Assessment for the Graduate Certificate (Pre-Masters) will be through coursework.



All modules are core.

  • Academic Writing
  • Postgraduate Study Skills
  • Research Methods for Postgraduate Study
  • Business Strategy




Entry requirements

Applicants must hold at least:

  • A third or a pass in a Bachelors degree in any discipline; or
  • A pass in a non-honours degree with any classification in any discipline; or
  • 3 year Diploma (DAZhuan) or equivalent (China only).

Check your country-specific entry requirements.

If you are unsure whether your qualifications meet the entry requirements for the Graduate Certificate (Pre-Masters), please contact us and one of our team will contact you to discuss your options.

English language requirements

Applicants must satisfy our general entry requirements as well as meeting specific requirements.

The general entry requirements are as follows:

  • IELTS 6.0 with no band score less than 5.5, or equivalent.



Fees and finance

International students

  • London: £3,500
  • Birmingham: £3,250

UK/EU students

  • £1,350

Upon successful completion of your Graduate Certificate, self-funding students may be eligible for a scholarship or discount when you progress on to one of our masters programmes. Find out more about our scholarships and discounts.



How to find out more

To find out more about this course, we recommend that you complete our enquiry form and one of our team will contact you to discuss your options.

How to apply

To apply to study the Graduate Certificate (Pre-Masters) follow the steps below.


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Лондон телефоны

02031377022 , 02037457488

Лондон мобильные

07808052130 , 07588020110

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Espanol (испанский)

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Менеджеры в  Лондоне и Бирмингеме e-mails: ,


Адреc в Лондоне: Gagarin Group, office 401, 7 Whitechapel Road, E1 1DU.

Адрес в Бирмингеме: Gagarin Group, office 411, 43 Temple Row, B2 5LS.

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