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Computing Technologies

The BSc Computing Technologies course provides students with a broad based introduction to a wide range of computing technologies. This course offers an excellent grounding for individuals seeking a career in a number of computing relating areas such as Cyber Security, Data Analytics and the Internet of Everything.

This programme will equip students with a comprehensive understanding of key digital technologies and programming tools, leaving graduates of this degree with a strong understanding of, as well as the ability to apply, system design principles and project management skills. The programme has been carefully designed to be up-to-date, with students developing skills in web and mobile technologies, user experience design, cloud computing and big data analytics.

Students of this programme will develop highly competitive and transferable skills in an inspiring environment with exceptional academic support. The programme exposes students to contemporary and real-life business approaches, taught by highly experienced and qualified tutors.

This course is delivered as part of a partnership between the University of Roehampton and QA Higher Education. The programme is validated by the University, and taught by QA Higher Education.

Evening and weekend study

For our UK and EU students, we offer the study option of evenings and weekends. This study option offers exactly the same levels of student support and the ability to balance your full-time studies with your personal life. Typically, classes are timetabled for two weekday evenings and one Saturday per week.


In the first year students will be introduced to a number of key principles and concepts in computing technologies, these include Maths and Algorithms, Systems Analysis and Design, Data Modelling and SQL Language and Web Development.

Year 2 will see students introduced to a range of specific topics, developing their understanding of particular systems such as mobile technologies, cloud computing and big data, as well as build a foundation in the industry critical issues of computer security and data analytics.

In the final year students are given the opportunity to design, plan and complete a substantial piece of independent research and development work that requires students to develop a solution to a significant computing problem. In this year, students will also develop industry critical skills in Cyber Security and Project Management and Professional Issues, leaving graduates of this programme with the transferable skills and experience required to secure a variety of roles.


All core

Year 1

Web Development (20 credits)
Maths and Algorithms (20 credits)
Object Oriented Programming (20 credits)
Systems Analysis and Design (20 credits)
Data Modelling and SQL Language (20 credits)
Data Communication and Network Routing (20 credits)

Year 2

Mobile App Design and Development (20 credits)
User Experience Design (20 credits)
Network Design and Troubleshooting (20 credits)
Cloud Computing (20 credits)
Big Data Analytics (20 credits)
Web Application Security (20 credits)

Year 3

Dissertation (Major Computing Project) (40 credits)
Cyber Security (20 credits)
Project Management and Professional Issues (20 credits)
Data Science (20 credits)
Designing and Developing Products for the Internet of Everything (IoE) (20 credits)





Single honours


3 years

Programme start


September, January and June


Tuition fees


Instalment plans available for self-funded students

Further information

Contact our Enquiries team


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